Step 1: Place A Used Equipment Ad

[ Other option: use our printable form to mail in along with your check and photos ]

The Basics:
• SLOW DOWN...your ad will be up for 4 months, so take your time and get it right :)
• Ads are $75.00, include 5 [yes five!] free photos, and are posted for 4 months on our used equipment pages
• The five newest ads are also posted on our home page, with a guaranteed minimum of 7 days exposure, and all ads are posted for 4 months total
• We review all ads for typos to make you sound like the intelligent seller that you are. We crop photos and improve exposure/color balance to make you look like the intelligent seller that you are
• You can request changes to your ad during those 4 months by replying to any of our emails, or by using our ad change form
• Only one piece of equipment allowed per ad unless it is specifically offered as a set with just one asking price (e.g. a flatbed truck and pod trailer, or a tree spade mounted on a skidsteer, etc.)
• Multiple ads are $50.00 each if placed on the same day [for example, 3 ads would cost $150.00]
• Wanted To Buy ads are free, but only one want ad per month per person/organization, is allowed

For Sale or Wanted to Buy?

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Email Address [required]

We require your email address for correspondence purposes only, but you may want to include it in your ad for the convenience of potential buyers. However, if it is published in your ad, it will be out in the open. You may end up getting spam and we have no control over this. Please see our very simple Privacy Policy (opens in a new window) for more information.
Please DO NOT include my email address in my ad
Please include my email address in my ad, and I'll deal with the spammers


Photos (please select one)
Please hold my ad until you receive my photos
Please post my ad as soon as possible, and I'll send my photos later
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Final Instructions:
Please click the button below, but be sure to wait until you see a confirmation message or your ad may not be received. Then proceed to Step 2 to send photos, or you can skip directly to Step 3 to send payment.

Comments for Nurseryman.Com:
Comments and questions for Rick at Nurseryman.Com about your ad:


Dear Rick,

I appreciate the number of interested leads your site provided in my Big John Tree Spade. It sold within 4 weeks of listing it. You provide a great resource for the sales and acquisition of tree spades and other nursery equipment.

I would like to have the ad for the 1991 Big John 80" removed from your website. Please reference the 15 digit order number below or call Tyson R at 719-000-0000. You may also text me.

Thanks again for such a great website!

Tyson R