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Seed Growers and Distributors

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Evergreen Trees For Sale:
Evergreen Seedlings, Evergreen Transplants, Evergreen Plug Seedlings, Evergreen Plug Transplants
• Prices include all shipping and 1 year guarantee
10% discount on 300 trees or $400.00
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Deciduous Broadleaf Seedlings For Sale:
Now Shipping
American Crabapple
American Plum
Common Chokecherry
Common Paw Paw
Common Witch Hazel
Domestic Apple
Eastern Redbud
Golden Rain Tree
Hardy Apricot
Japanese Tree Lilac
Sargent Crabapple
Saskatoon Serviceberry
Shadblow Serviceberry
Speckled Alder
White Flowering Dogwood

Agbina - wholesale seeds of trees, shrubs, flowers etc.
Albright Seed Company - Offering an online seed store, plus articles on gardening.
American Meadows / Vt Wildflower Farm
- Major supplier of bulk wildflower seed with best prices on net.
Angelgrove Tree Seed Company
- Specializing in seeds for flowering trees - Acer palmatum 'Japanese maple'.
Anioleka Vegetable Seeds Company - Rare and popular heirloom vegetable seeds - Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Blazing Star Nursery - Seeds and plants of the Northern Illinois Region
Botanical Interests, Inc - America's most exciting seed company. Untreated and organic seed available.
The Botanical Source - Specialists in African ethnobotanicals & ethnomedicinals.
Canterbury Farms - Organically grown culinary, medicinal and ornamental herbs.
Delta Trees - Direct Seeding Specialists
Direct Seed Company - Passiflora seeds, Aristolochia seeds, and Brugmansia.
Ed Hume Seeds - Specializing in the best seeds for short seasons and cool climates.
Ernst Conservation Seeds - Seeds and plants for conservation and wetland reclamation. - International Garden Centre
Etowah Seed and Nursery Co. - Quality Seeds and Plants for the farm and garden
Floral Seed Company - Growers & Exporters of over 600 species of seeds and plants from India.
Ganesh Mani Pradhan & Son - Family owned nursery in the Eastern Himalayas growing and exporting cool growing and tropical plants and Palm Seeds wordwide. West Bengal, India
Gardener's Passport, Ltd. - Seeds for the serious gardener- garden, greenhouse and conservatory seeds
Gardentime-UK - Rare and unusual seeds for worldwide gardeners.
GreenDealer Exotic Seeds - GreenDealer Exotic Seeds of the World Catalog with Photographs and Gardening Information
Gurneys Seed and Nursery Co. - Seed and Nursery
Heirloom Acres Seeds - Open pollinated and heirloom vegetable, herb and flower seeds
High Mowing Seeds - Organic seeds
Himalayan Orchid Exports - Himalayan grown flower bulbs - tubers rhizomes palms bananas orchids etc. - Kalimpong, India
IDI Engineering - Export of Cycas plants and seeds
Ion Exchange*
- over 200 species of seeds and over 100 species of plugs and plotted plants.
International Forest Company*
Medwyns - Prize winning vegetable seeds, cultivation articles and free clinic
Morel Diffusion
- Cyclamen Persicum, seed, flowering plants and culture information for growers.
Mountain Meadow Seeds - Nursery Grower of Garden Variety Plants and Harvester of Seeds
Native Seed Foundation - Bulk Native Seeds Collected in Idaho and Surrounding Areas
Natural Selections Exotics - Specializing in rare and exotic seeds
Palms & Gardens Nursery - rare palm seeds, seedlings and trees
Plantco - Bulbs, Grasses, Bamboo, Shrubs, Groundcovers and more
Plantworld Seeds - Seeds of rare and unusual garden plants and flowers. Mail-order.
Promoseeds Ltd. - Custom seed packets and grow kits.
Rarexoticseeds - Supplier of very rare and unusual seeds in small packages.
Renee's Garden Seeds - The best seed varieties chosen by and for gardeners
Secret Seeds - Rare and unusual garden plants - sent worldwide - Devon, UK
SeedsHawaii - Fresh Harvested Tropical Seeds, Seedlings, and Cuttings from Hawaii.
Seeds Unique - Seeds for flowers, vegetables, trees, cacti, ornamentals and more.
Shady Oaks Ginseng Co. - Growers of ginseng seed, ginseng and goldenseal rootlets
Sheffield's Seed Co., Inc. - Leading Supplier of Tree and Flowering Plant Seed in America
Shemin Nurseries
Southwest Ethnobotanicals - Seeds and cactus cuttings for plant propagation purposes only.
Specialty Perennials - We offer information and sell a wide range of perennials.
Sunflow International - Supplier of native Australian plant and wildlife seed - banksia seed
Teakettle Enterprises Ltd. - Wholesale grower and distributor of Ornamental Plant Seeds - Palm seeds, Cycad seeds, Chamaedorea seifrizii, Chamaedorea elegans
Tennessee Wholesale Nursery - Wholesale nursery with premium quality and really wholesale prices
Terra Viva Organics - Organic vegetable, herb & flower seed - Echinacea purpurea
Territorial Seed - Developing vegetable, flower, and herb seeds for over 20 years
White Flower Farm - The largest selection in America 1-800-ALL-BULB

NOW SHIPPING from our Evergreen Tree Store:

Evergreen Seedlings [Bare Root]:
Black Hills Spruce
Black Spruce
Ponderosa Pine
White Spruce
Variety Packs

Evergreen Seedling Plugs:
Black Hills Spruce
Colorado Blue Spruce
Eastern Red Cedar
Norway Spruce
Oriental Spruce
Ponderosa Pine
Red Pine
Tamarack Larch
White Cedar
White Pine
Variety Packs

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