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Green Industry Advertising And Marketing

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You're browsing one of the most highly targeted online advertising spaces in the Green Industry! When you see how much traffic we get and how little you pay for advertising, you'll see that Nurseryman.Com is truly an advertising bargain. There is no "middleman" or "third party", which means:
1) - prices are lower for you
2) - you deal directly with us in all matters
3) - you get straight answers quickly

What Does It Cost, And How Does It Work?
Our ad pricing is not based on the number of ad impressions or clicks, meaning you will not be exposed to the growing risk of fraud found on pay-per-click advertising systems. Rather, it is based on location and duration: you choose the page on which to advertise, and how long the ad is to run. This method focuses your marketing dollars on a very specific audience at a competitive and predictable cost. You can test the waters by buying just one month's worth of ad space and see the results for yourself. You can then buy up to a year's worth of ad space at discounted prices, and even buy ad space on multiple pages for an even greater discount.

How Soon Can I Be Advertising?
Today! First, browse Nurseryman.Com to find the page (or pages) which is most relevant to your business, and see if it contains a banner ad across the top or premium link ads down the left side ("Ads by Gooooogle" can be ignored). If space is available, then read up on Banner Ads vs. Premium Link ads (below) and decide what works best for your business. Then fill out one of the short forms associated with that ad type and we'll get in touch with you ASAP about getting your ad online. Or call Rick at the number below for immediate assistance.

Targeted vs. Non-Targeted Ads: What's The Difference?
Targeted ads are relevant to the page on which they are placed. If you see an ad from a tree spade manufacturer on a page showing used tree spades for sale, that's a targeted ad. If you see an ad for cheap home mortgages on a page showing palm tree growers, that's a non-targeted ad. Non-targeted ads may appear less expensive than targeted ads, but an ad which gets zero clicks is expensive no matter how you look at it.

"Targeted ad buys are so much more valuable than non-targeted ad buys."
Wired Magazine

If you have questions about any topic covered [or not covered] on this page, please contact us.


Richard Lubbers
Site Administrator

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