For Sale: Optimal 880 28-36” Nursery Digger

Used Equipment Description: Optimal 880 tree spade. Like new, has dug less than 100 trees. digs 28-36” root balls, digger is very light, standard skid steer attachment plate, but can be used with smaller skid steers in that class, 20 baskets and liners 32” included, and 20 baskets and liners 36” included. Excellent for digging close to a house or other structure because of the upright blade tower angle. Works great, selling because I have multiple 36” diggers and don’t need all of them
Location: York, SC 29745
Asking Price: $9000 Firm
Seller’s Name: Jay Lacey
Telephone: 704-622-4238
Tuesday, July 19, 2022